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Buff Willow Oval Shopper Brown Willow and Dogwood Log Basket Willow and Dogwood Sq Linen Basket Dogwood and Buff Willow Basket White & Brown Willow and Dogwood Linen Basket) Brown and Buff Willow Laundry Basket Brown Willow and Dogwood Log Basket White willow and Dogwood Round Basket

Utility Baskets

   Buff Fishing Creel Cane egg basket Rush shopping basket Willow drinks holder Cane picnic basket Buff Willow Butchers Basket

Shetland Kishie Basket Flax Fishbasket Flax Basket Flax Basket 

Specific Baskets

Willow Cornucopia Dogwood Frame Basket Decorative Buff Willow Basket Dogwood Round Basket Dogwood Frame Basket Willow Frame Basket

Decorative Holder  Baskets

Living Willow Arbour Living Willow Fence Living Willow Arch Living Willow Tunnel

Living Willow Structures

   Rush St Bridgits Cross Brown Willow Fish White Willow Platter Flax Angel Fish

   Brown Willow Garlands Brown Willow Spider Corn dolly (Mother Earth) Hanging White Willow Tree Willow Seasonal tree Decoration Willow Seasonal tree Decoration Boxed double American Indian Coiled Totem Pole


  Willow Hanging Bird Feeder Green Man Brown Willow Mouse Mask White willow table American Indian child carriers Mummer's hat Kings Hat Knights Hat Ash and Dogwood Plant Support


Cane Dining Chair Buff Willow Chair Seagrass Chair Berger double sided cane Cane Nursing Chair Cane Arm Chair Rush chair and stool (French style)  


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